Pastor’s Corner

 Greetings From Our Pastor

Hello! As I look outside today I think of what a beautiful day God has given us. As you look outside you might see snow, sun or rain (or a combination of all three! We are in South Dakota after all) and these are delightful things. They are also all seasons that we, as adults, youth or children, go through. We go through times when our love grows cold and  the Lord seems distant, we go through times when we are drenched with doubt and fear chills us to the bone and we go through times when the Son is shining and life is going our way. In all of these times and events it is my desire as the pastor to be there and be available. Here at Black Hills Baptist we strive to fulfill our motto and let you know that “When you’re here, you’re home.” By the grace of God may it be so. Amen.

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– Pastor Sean –